The Telemetron is a unique musical instrument that takes advantage of the poetics of zero gravity, and opens a new field of musical creativity.

Design and performance by Nicole L'Huillier and Sands Fish.



Sónar+D Barcelona

The Telemetron was recently featured at Sónar+D, a conference that explores how creativity is changing our present and imagining new futures. Nicole spoke about our recent zero-gravity flight, and inspirations for our work. A video of the talk will be posted here soon. 


nime 2018

We presented our paper “Telemetron: a musical instrument for performance in zero gravity” at NIME, the international conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, describing the technical design of our first Telemetron.

You can read it downloaded here.

Telemetron Sketch (Nicole) 1.png

Future designs

We are currently developing new designs for the creation of culture in outer space and microgravity environments. We are excited to explore the wide range of possibilities for culture in space. 

Learn more about our work at the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative

See the full video of our first flight and performance with Telemetron here.

Parabolic flight and weightless environment managed by Zero G Corp.